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If not POS, then what? The Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors (ACAR) cares deeply about homeownership and maintaining our neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio. We encourage cities to enforce existing property maintenance codes and employ a policy whereby all properties – not just those for sale – are subject to exterior only inspections on a periodic basis.
Citywide Standards: Exterior Only Inspected At Specific Intervals (Preferred)
ACAR recommends systematic exterior only inspections of all properties in a city’s jurisdiction – not only those for sale. Many cities conduct inspections either at annual intervals or another yearly time frame.
Voluntary Programs
Develop a program that will educate homeowners on the need to conduct routine maintenance and allow them to attend and make repairs on a voluntary basis. Most individuals will do what is best for them. If they are given information on the benefits of a program, many will follow it.
Incentive Programs
Offering an incentive program will encourage a greater participation among homeowners.
City Assisted Programs
Localities could offer assistance to pay for the inspections, taking the burden off the property seller. Assistance can be offered through direct city funding or through some third party organizations, such as non-profits.

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